Huidhonger (2020) - in collaboration with Britt Roelse.

Huidhonger (Hunger for Skin) is a project about the experiences you can have with physical contact.
During the current pandemic we are more than ever aware of what psysical contact does to us as human beings.
Huidhonger is about the connection and disconnection with the human body in relation to others and ourselves.
What does the lack of external stimuli do to you, when the focus is primarily on yourself?
Does it give unconscious access to your own underlying feelings and emotions? How are we dealing with
these feelings and emotions? Does the desire to have a connection with the other grow or do we need more space from the other?

Huidhonger is a project made in collaboration with Britt Roelse. During this project we both shared our personal views on
physical connection, also pre-pandemic. Britt focused more on the physical and bodily aspect,
while my experience was more about the mental and psychological part. Our visual language contains an abstraction and
anonymity, which is why we also give the viewer space for his or her own feelings within this subject.
Feelings that we may not overlook and are allowed to be there, especially in times like these.